With the textiles in MyShirt Exclusive category, we want to present to you the high quality fabrics of the Italian manufacturers S.I.C. Tess and Thomas Mason. These textiles are made from pure Egyptian cotton Giza 45, known for its exceptional characteristics.


In this category you will find an exclusive variety of fabrics in both classic and contemporary designs. Woven in delicate colors with stunning saturation, which has a magnificent silky touch that feels like a gentle hug. Shirts made from the fabrics in our Exclusive category do not change over time, and even on the contrary – they become softer and more comfortable to wear.


In the MyShirt Exclusive category, the fabrics are all natural and without any additional treatment. Thanks to this, the air can move freely, which makes the materials in this category breathable and very light. Here you can find:

Book an appointment to choose from a huge variety of colors and patterns from the finest and most comfortable cotton – Giza 45, and together we will create your exclusive shirt.